News & Articles

♦ Two recent arbitration awards resulted in favorable decisions for Mitchell Gallagher clients. Gary Weber represented defendants.  [10.19.2020]

♦ Ed Mitchell recently received recognition by the Pa. Bar Assn. as a 50 year member.  [11.19.2020]

♦ Jessica Harlow was elected Chair of the Board of Directors of North Central Sight Services in December of 2019, for a one year term. Her term was extended for another year in October of 2020.   [10.19.2020]

♦ In January 2020, the Lycoming Law Association recognized Mitchell Gallagher attorneys for their commitment to equal justice for the poor by fair share participation in 2019 in the Lycoming County Pro Bono Referral Program.  [1.15.2020]

♦ The William E. Nichols Community Service Award was awarded to Gary Weber at the 2020 LLA Annual Banquet to recognize his outstanding community service and for exemplifying the positive role that attorneys play in our community beyond the practice of law.  [1.13.2020]

♦ Gary Weber was named solicitor for the Lycoming County Register & Recorder office, beginning in January of 2020.  [1.1.2020]

♦ Gary Weber was elected President of the Lycoming County Historical Society at the Society's annual meeting in May 2019.  [10.5.2019]

♦ Ed Mitchell was named a Best Lawyer in Pennsylvania for 2018. This designation was made by the Best Lawyers magazine.   [1.30.2018]

♦ At the 2018 Lycoming Law Association annual meeting, Jessica Harlow was elected to the Association's Executive Committee, by a vote of the membership.  [1.10.2018]

♦ President Jenifer Heverly, of the Lycoming Law Association, has selected committee chairs for 2018. Three Mitchell Gallagher lawyers are serving in LLA positions.  [2.20.2018]